Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to handle practicing breakdowns? Just play the guitar!

It's a though and hectic period and you simply can't plan to follow a method, go through different exercises, learn some new riffs and song, improve your music theory. What should you do then?

I think that, while waiting for a better period to start scheduling and planning, the answer is quite simple: JUST PLAY!

just play guitar!

Playing guitar should be fun and, indeed, it is a lot of fun! If you are frustrated by not reaching a certain goal or feel sick and tired about your daily playing probably there's something you are doing wrong.

Anyway, the just play option means keep playing!
Of course playing more relaxed, if we focus of technicque, might mean incorporate bad playing into your overall playing, which is something we don't want. So here a few tips to turn the just play! option into something more usefull that will keep you into guitar without damaging you.

Try to relax and go for something easy: play some nice chords and learn some easy song.
Watch a guitar video on scales / chords and phrasing: then spend some time improvising and thinking about music.
Try to learn some licks you like: take usual precaution starting slow and then increase speed. But to not take it as an exercise. You are not planning on it for weeks. It's just a way to spend some 10 minutes on the guitar without loosing all you've earned before!

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