Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dolcetti - Metallo Beat (tentative Review)

"We are Dolcetti, we shred and we love you!".
These words uttered by Gianni Rojatti (they were actually in Italian Noi siamo i Dolcetti. Facciamo shred e vi vogliamo bene!) lead me into the amazing Dolcetti word.
I had a chance to hear them at what was scheduled in my mind as "my first The Aristocrats' concert" but is now remembered as "my first The Aristocrats and Dolcetti's concert" (and also the Cynic & death metal concert, but that's another story).

It didn't take long until I logged on amazon music and I found something similar to the thing down here:

In a few clicks I downloaded the Metallo Beat album. It rocks for various reasons.

Structurally: all songs are 3.33 long (which I guess is half 6.66 which is quite a metal beat number, but it was something our way of counting minutes made it difficult to have).

Structurally II: all song except "Away from home" start with "Tr".

Structurally III: all songs except the aforementioned "Away from home" - what's wrong with being away from home?!??! - are instrumental (besides some vocals popping out from time to time).

Ok, that's so much for the bio. What about the music?
Of course it shreds! But it shreds, differently... wisely.

Describing the album track by track is futile. There's way too much inside.
So, let's limit to the first track, Tribale. It starts with crazy tapping on heavy dropped grooves, but in a while we're into liquid jazzy-fusion shredding. Enough? Of course not! It's keyboard time (?!?) for an ambient atmospheare on the something that should be conceived as a "chorus".
Tremendous neoclassical tapped arpeggios are the next ingredient, but of course in the world of Dolcetti neoclassical is not something extremely canonical that you've probably heard before. Before the 3.33 are over - round the third minute - there a guitarist and drummer dialogue that goes more or less as follows:
G: "What do you want me to do next?"
D: "Do what you can do better!"
which brings us to the last "section" of the "song".
The tremendous thing is that this always surprising mixture... makes a lot of sense!

Ok, given that I've said tremendous twice and that's the last track of the album (Dolcetti makes even writing about their album difficult!) I have a chance to say something about it. It's probably the most conventional track, it's all fast and neoclassical and... no. Here we shred fusion again, things turn jazzy, keyboards go hammond and much more...

Well, that's enough. Before closing with the track list, a few advice and spoilers:

1. you may start to sing "don't stand so close to me" on track two;
2. it seems Elio is on the album;
3. you should get that album;
4. live they are even more a lot of fun. There are much more keyboards and beat and stuff. Find a way to be at one of their concerts!

And, yes, Dolcetti are only a drummer (the almighty Erik Tulissio) and a guitar player (Gianni Rojatti). But that's a secret.

1 Tribale
2 Transient
3 Transport
4 Tremors
5 Trytrebor
6 Away From Home
7 Tresex
8 Tremendous

(all songs are 3.33 long so that Dolcetti had no need in pricing them differently if you were to buy single tracks)