Thursday, February 19, 2015

Triplet Rhythm Workout

Ok, it's time to try something different and focus on your right hand and rhythm. Fast and accurate picking is not only something we can use in lead playing but in rhythm too. And this means that rhythm can help our ditones as well. That's good news!

The workout below has a metal flavour and is all devoted to triplets. 

Triplet Rhythm Workout Explained

The idea is to a steady down pick for all the 8th note and then has a little speed boost of 16th notes. You can see this mechanism in bar 2. You get the right hand going, then there's the boost on bar 3. You have different notes (G and A) to isolate the boost.
What about the first bar that starts with a boost of four 16th triplets?

Sometimes I approach rhythm exercises with some fear to speed up and let the right hand going. The first bar is ment to avoid this and have you start pretty soon.
Moving to the next riff, in bar 4 we have to boost on the even accents (2 and 4) and we have 16th-notes power chords. The idea is to widen the movements on your picking hand while keeping speed.

That should allow you to worko better on 12 16-th notes rush of bar5, in which the opening riffs comes back to be worked out proficiently. The last riff places the speed boosts on click 1 and 3 (compare with bar 4) and develops a more musical theme.

I hope you enjoy the work out!
Apply variations and share them if you want.